Monday, 1 September 2014

The Creative Blog Hop

Thank you Joanne for inviting me to be part of this blog hop and passing the mantle.  At first I was really excited then I read what I was asked to comment upon and my heart sank a little.  Not for any other than I was asked to complete a couple of questions and I really dislike speaking about myself.... when other people are so much more interesting.  So.....

Question 1:  What Am I Working On Now?

Well that's an easy one.  I'm preparing for Christmas.  I know it's far to early but I have enrolled in a course at uni and I will be really busy later in the year and I don't want to feel I have lost time and have been unable to get my christmas crafts done.

So that's what I am focussing on mainly right now, but just for you guys visiting I have made this...... but wait, let's go to the next question.  

Question 2:  How Does My Work Differ From Others In My Genre?
I honestly don't know is my answer.  I do what I love and love what I do, without that sounding too much of a cliche.  I don't believe it is different from other peoples greatly as we all motivate, influence and inspire each other.  However, I do have a very quirky and grunge side, which for me comes so much easier than a crisp and clean approach.  Here are some photos of what I mean...

Also my quirky side allows me to just let my imagination go.  I work in a stressful environment and we try hard to laugh as much as possible so being creative helps create my normality and reminds me work is work and life is life!

Question 3:  Why Do I Create What I Do?
Simply, because I love what I do, I hope it inspires others and reflects fun, not taking yourself too seriously and hopefully people enjoy seeing what I create, bringing them joy etc too.  I also make things for other people, some people pay me for cards, photo albums and other crafts I make, all of which can be seen throughout my blog.  However, I also make things and expect nothing in return but hopefully a little happiness they bring.  

At Easter I made these for children visiting my work who may not be getting eggs or who don't get a lot of gifts maybe because of poverty.  

At Christmas I will be making these....

and these....

It's good to give and it makes me feel good about myself doing something for others in what can be a very insular and materialistic world.

Question 4:  How Does My Creative Process Work?
Very rarely will I start knowing where it's going to end!  I don't plan, I'm not organised and I usually pull lots of bits and pieces, ink, stamps and paper from my stash then just start.  I do however, spend a lot of time on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and purusing other peoples blog and yes I have used their creativity and followed them.  Personally, I think it's ok to copy or 'case' as long as you are clearly giving them recognition and not claiming it as your own original idea.  As I said before, very rarely is something made completely unique as we are constantly being influenced through osmosis; pictures we see and what we hear, which then go on to be part of our own 'take' on our own crafts and arguably have similarities to something we have seen before.

My main claim to being original is through my photograph albums where I try not to copy other artists and find my own unique style.  Here are a couple of examples....


Oh I nearly forgot, what am I working on now, question 1.  Here it is....

I love, love love Project Life.  I cannot tell enough people to get their photos off their phones etc and get making memories.  I cannot help but think we will have a generation who have no access to their parents and grandparents stories because we are a generation who don't print our pictures.

I have made a variety of Project Life albums, some I made myself from scratch and some I have bought, embellished and saved the memories for my own children.  So I wanted to create my own take on Project Life, which I can honestly claim I have not seen anyone else do so far, although it is a genre which is not created by myself either...... My very own PL Family Tree.

I have used PL cards and embellished in my own style using a variety of different mediums.

Well that was me.  I now also have a confession!  As part of the blog hop I have asked other bloggers and people who I follow on Facebook if anyone would like to pick up the mantle and continue the blog hop. Alas, no-one has got back to me.  That said I am not a defeatist and so I will simply recommend two people who I have the greatest admiration from.  Both have a very different style to the other but their work is both inspirational and amazing.  I hope you love their craft as much as I do. 

So I give you 

Sandra Botham      


I hope you take the time to check out both Sandra and Kay's blogs and that you have enjoyed my own.  Please also have a dander through some of my past blogs and I hope I manage to inspire your own imagination.  Take care of you.

Pauline x


  1. You may not like talking about yourself, but the rest of us love to hear about how you work. You're such a huge inspiration to me, and I'm sure others too, so getting a peek "inside your head", so to speak is much appreciated :-) x

    1. Thank you Sammy. I tried looking to see if you had a blog too but I couldn't find one. I wanted people who don't have thousands and thousands of people following them to benefit from the hop. Kay and Sandra's work are definitely worth a look at x

    2. My blog is here: I know blogger tend to make it difficult to find them at times. Drives me nuts! lol.
      I shall be sure to check their blogs out too.
      I've just been tapped for this one by someone, so shall have to put my thinking cap on! x

  2. Great, definitely do it, can't believe how it's spurred up my creative side again, was feeling a bit mushed so been good x

  3. What a great blog post Pauline! I loved reading about you and your creative process and I am amazed by the sheer breadth and diversity of your work! It's so great to be inspired by others and I really admire your work.

    1. Thank you Joanne. I'm glad you asked me and as always love a challenge. I hadn't actually thought about how diverse my work is, but yes now you mention it, it probably is lol. I just do what I love and I'm glad some of that comes through. I was so late in life finding this and since then it's played a significant part in my life. I'm always carting bags into work and letting my young people play, have fun and they do. It's a fantastic therapy for all sorts of life's difficulties and feel blessed to be able to share it too xxx