Saturday, 23 August 2014

Want to join a blog hop?

Hi all 
I am hoping you may consider joining a blog hop?

Have you ever heard of "The Creative Blog Hop?" It is a blog hop that is held only on Mondays, every Monday. I'm not sure who started it but a few days ago I was invited to join the hop by Joanne James (the crafty owl) and I accepted her invitation. Part of my participating is to then choose three more bloggers and "tag" them to be it on a future post and I am choosing you as one of my three!

Basically, it's a great way to have an ongoing and never-ending hop to introduce each other to our readers, make new friends and broaden our list of blog artists. I enjoy reading lots of people's blogs who offer different craft styles from myself as they offer me creative ideas that I can transfer into my own style.  With all your amazing talent's I would love to have you as one of the three bloggers that I share in my post!  I have asked a couple of people already but uncertain if they wish to participate and I don't want to unduly put pressure onto people who may already be participating in blog hops or are trying to keep your own blog uptodate, it's not easy I know especially with our already busy lives.

In brief:

On Monday 1st Sept, I will do a post about The Creative Blog Hop and answer these four questions:
1.      What am I working on now?
2.      How does my work differ from others in my genre?
3.      Why do I create what I do?
4.      How does my creative process work?

Our posts can be as long and descriptive or short and sweet as we choose. At the end of that, I will then introduce three more bloggers - and hopefully (if you accept my invitation) you will be one of them!

You will then do a similar post on Monday, September 8th and answer the same questions and then invite three more crafters. You will give them instructions like I am giving you (copy and paste if you want to!) and tell them that they will do their post on the next Monday, and so on and on. 

If you decide to accept my invitation, please send me a short bio as soon as possible, but by Saturday, August 30th at the latest. My post will go live on Monday, 1st Sept. (Again, your post will not go live until Monday, September 8th).

I hope that some of you would love this opportunity, I know I am really chuffed, to be a part of this Hop and that you'll agree to be tagged by me and jump into this never-ending continuous Creative Blog Hop on September 1st!! Thank you for considering it - I hope to hear from you with a big ‘yes’ by return!!

Why not find me here:

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