Sunday, 16 August 2015

Summer School

I have various blogs going out on different days including examples of the Summer School lessons but I thought I would also do one solely focussed on all of the lessons together.

Day 1, Lesson #11 was about Repetition 
Repeated sentiment.

Repeated pattern.

Day 2, Lesson #12 was Design: Symmetry /Asymmetry


Day 3, Lesson #13 was Design: Hard vs. Soft
Hard as there are more square angles but does have some soft evidenced in the circles,  butterfly and scribbles.

Day 4, Lesson #14 was Colour:Colour Saturation
Desaturation of colour.

Saturation of colour.

Day 5, Lesson #15 was Colour: Colour Temperatures

This has been a great Summer School, click the link My Favorite Things  to go see other projects and what the MFT teachers had as their lessons.

Take care of you.

Pauline x


  1. Love your style, lots of eye candy here!!


    I look forward to your email! :)