Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Hi, my name is +Pauline Adamson.  This is one of the most scariest things I have ever done.  I am a blogger virgin and wanted to start using a blog as a means of sharing my experiences of papercrafting.

I am 45 years old and change is not my best friend, which may seem odd as change happens around me on a daily basis.  Being of the middle-age variety I can switch on a computer and work my way round one as long as no pop ups pop up or it doesn't ask me any computery questions, then I'm ok.  So setting up this site has taken me hours and hours of pulling my hair out, well the grey one's anyhow, cursing, which I do far too much anyhow and almost making me run out and buy more red wine (any bl***y excuse)!

However, I find myself needing to take-on this challenge, to me a mammoth change, and attempt to embrace 'the blog'.

So, hello all, fellow crafters, artisans and other technophobes and welcome to what I hope will be a positive and creative way of exhibiting my crafts, passion for most things paper, glue and fussy cutting.

I love paper crafting and my passion is photo albums trying to make them all individual and unique.  Having found youtube to be a wonderful tool I discovered some very special people who I truly admire.  +Clare Charvill was the first person I felt truly in awe of, her photo albums are amazing, her designs are brilliant and I aspire to be as good a crafter as herself.  Anne Elisabeth Rostad is another truly inspiring crafter who's off the page designs are spectacular.  I have watched countless hours of both Clare and Anne on Youtube following their tutorials and I now blame them for firstly my passion for paper, secondly my love of all things Graphic 45 and +Tim Holtz and lastly for my dire poverty.  This passion does not come cheap and my desire to 'have to have' has led to many dinners of beans on toast and often actually having been forgotten as I get so lost in my crafting, just as well the kids are old enough to put bread in the toaster!

I will try and link my sites on Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube but if I don't tell me how to do it :).

Ok so now I can say I am no longer a virgin

Happy crafting and wish you all to be covered in ink and all things glue

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