Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

Hope you all had a fantastic festive time and didn't eat too much but did drink too much hohoho, only joking.

This entire month of January I will be presenting some of my crafts for Stampotique.   This week's theme is "Anything Goes".  This has carried over from December as we have all been busy preparing for our Christmas festivities. 

This project although not huge took me weeks to complete as I have on going health problems and finding the energy to craft, let alone be creative, has been a huge Stampotique Challenge. How and never here is my take on this weeks challenge. 

This house has been recycled from my application to be on the team.  It has been painted, glittered, glued and Christmafied hohoho. 


The base was an old catalogue cover, which was painted with gesso then lots of glue applied and then tissue paper crinkled up and adhered. 

I then poured lots of pva glue into a tray and added lots and lots of glitter. This was then liberally plaster onto the house and ground to make my snowy scene. 


I used real cinnamon sticks for the logs, pine cone for my tree and an old circle cut from my mums old piano as my skating rink. The fence was bought at a local craft store then hot glued onto the ice rink.  

The snow balls are recycled from Christmas Crackers from 5 years ago hohoho, what a hoarder I am.  You can see them two pictures above.

All the skaters have white mini pegs tuned upside down for ice skates.   My skaters are Waving Spotted Monster, Birdy Up, Smile, Relaxin and Line Up.

The icicles were made using hot glue on my non stick craft mat, leave to cool then adhere using more hot glue.  I used another Stampotique stamp Home Sweet Home to replicate a door using a PITT pen to colour and of course one of my favourite gals Gooseneck.

A fun project, hope you have enjoyed this as much as I did making it. Hop, or should that be 'slide', on over to the Stampotique Designers Challenge blog and check out more fantastic crafts:

Take care of you til next week


  1. Fabulous project Pauline! I adore all the details. And thank you for letting us in on how you achieved the snow effect on the roof... I may well have to borrow that technique at some point! x

  2. Pauline, I am so delighted to see you featured as the January Guest Designer on Stampotique Designers' Challenge. I have long been an admirer of your great artistic talent (and remember your application piece!), and am pleased to be your newest follower! Love how you have transformed bits and bobs from all over the place to create this beautiful winter tableau vivant. You may now hold the record for using the most Stampotique stamps in one project!! Kudos to you, my friend!

    1. Thank you so so much for your lovely comments. Believe me crafting with these stamps is both inspiring and delightful. I was very worried about getting this finished in time as I have had many health difficulties but am so please how it turned out. My mum loves how the old pion a was recycled lol xxx

  3. What a work of art!
    I am sure it took a while to make all the elements and put it all together. It will be great to get out with all your other decorations every Christmas, I'm sure.

  4. What a fantastic piece you created for your table. Love all the different stamps you used for it.

  5. Wow this is amazing, so much detail. Congratulations on being part of the design team. Very much deserved. Xx

  6. Pauline, your project is amazing!!!! Great way to showcase the different stamps.