Monday, 10 June 2013

Mixed Media

Today at work I explored mixed media with a young person I work with.

Here is the beginning of my project.

The base of the project was some cardboard which I cut from a packaging box.

I started by adding fairly generous amounts of glue on the cardboard and then also onto the back of the paper and other items to adhere them down.   I added scrunched up bits of tissue paper, which I had kind of crudely rolled up.  My reason for doing this was to add dimension and layers.

I have used string, buttons, corrugated paper, gems, tissue paper, I frayed some material and spread filaments around the page, some craft foil and some thin metal wire, which I coiled around.  All of these items were just lying around in our craft room so if trying this for yourself just use items lying around your house which you no longer need.

Everything was secured with pva glue and once dry I added a first layer of pearlised blue paint.  

I really like how it turned out and during the process my young person and I had a great session, she loved trying this out, asked lots of questions and my advise to her was just go with it, don't think out it too much but most of all HAVE FUN.

Hope you are all having a great day.

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